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Estate Planning

It is wise to organize your future while you still can. Developing a plan for managing your health care and property should you become severely disabled or pass away will save your loved ones a considerable amount of time, money and grief. The proper legal documentation also ensures that your wishes are carried out as you specified. At the Law Office of Eric A. Ballinger, we can help you create a blueprint of what you envision for yourself, should you become incapacitated or pass away, with an array of estate planning documents that include:

  • Advanced Health care Directives – Instructions on managing your health care
  • Power of Attorney – Gives a designated individual the right to manage your property and sign legal papers on your behalf
  • Trust – Provides for the care of minors or disabled persons, minimizes taxes and protects against creditors
  • Wills and probate – Transfers your property to selected beneficiaries upon your death
  • Customized estate planning and dedicated service

Why Do You Need A Will?

Drafting a will saves your family from arguments, hard feelings, and the potential issues of legal battles to sort things out after your death. This is especially true if you have multiple children, no direct descendants, or a family with an antagonist.

Having a will is important to ensuring your wishes are preserved after your death. Without one, the State of Georgia will make the decisions for you. Eric Ballinger can work with you to craft a Will that details exactly what you want. A Will is binding and, therefore, leaves no cause for error. The benefits of a Will include your ability to do the following and more:

  • Specify the distribution of personal property
  • Specify the distribution of financial assets
  • Choose a guardian for your minor children
  • Select the trustees to care for your property on behalf of those who can’t, such as minor or incapacitated children
  • Pick the executor of your estate who will execute the terms of your Will
  • Have your executor sell and manage property without court approval
  • Give a portion or all of your estate to charity instead of your heirs
  • Direct means for the specialized care of special needs relatives.
  • Specify your after-life arrangements (burial service, cremation service, etc.)

Getting A Will In Georgia

Certainly you can create a handwritten will with your signature, however; if it is contested, it may not hold up in court. The best way to make certain your desires and preferences will be carried forward is with a Will created by a lawyer. Besides being properly written, documented and validated there are specific requirements that must be met. For a will to be legally binding in Georgia, the following requirements must be met:

  • You are at least 14 years of age
  • You have a decided and rational desire as to the disposition of your property
  • The will must be executed freely and voluntarily
  • The will must be in writing and signed by you
  • The will must be attested and signed in your presence by at least two competent witnesses

Update And Change Your Will

Many times there are life changes that drive a need to update a Will. Things like a divorce, loss of family members, and even just a change of heart may be reasons you need to change your will. Regardless of your reasons, we can help you amend your Will and deliver a Will that will be recognized by the Courts in Georgia.

No two people are alike and, therefore, no two people’s needs are alike. We provide each and every client with customized care and personalized attention. When we meet with you, we discuss your needs, your wants and the best approach to accomplishing both. Our firm develops the necessary documents to take the guesswork out of your future. With detailed, itemized documentation, you can feel safe in knowing that your family members will care for you in the way that you have outlined and your assets will be divided per your instructions upon your passing.

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