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Attorney Eric A. BallingerYour Lawyer for Divorce, Family Law, and Criminal Defense

Attorney Eric A. Ballinger

Criminal Defense

We represent clients in any Georgia court for DUI, BUI, violations, misdemeanor and felony criminal charges. including services for dismissal of charges, plea negotiation, jury trials, and appeals.

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Attorney Eric A. Ballinger

Divorce Law

We represent clients wanting to file uncontested divorce, contested divorce, annullment or seeking separation. We offer divorce litigation, mediation, or trial representation legal services.

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Family Law Attorneys

Family Law

We can help with post-divorce issues including modification of child support, visitation, custody , spousal support, collecting support payments, contempt of court charges and more.

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Affordable representation from filing and litigation to jury trials.

Eric Ballinger has over two decades experience helping people in north Georgia with some of life's most challenging situation. Our law firm offers a personalized approach for representing our clients. We recognize that every client has unique circumstances that need an equally unique solution.

When you know you need a lawyer time is probably not on your side. Our advice is to stop imagining what is going to happen and instead ask a lawyer about your situation. Get control. Call us today.

I hired Mr. Ballinger for my son's DUI. If we had not hired him, my son would be in jail now. Mr. Ballinger was great at walking us through the process and explaining everything. Because of a motion that was filed contesting the evidence, some of it was not allowed to be used against my son. Without the evidence, the prosecutor could not go forward with the original charges. As a result, my son will be going back to college this fall without a criminal record. Thank you, Mr. Ballinger!
-- Melinda

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Attorney Eric A. Ballinger