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Georgia Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney

Nearly every driver in North Georgia has gotten a traffic ticket at some point. Besides costing you a lot of money, a ticket can put points on your driver’s license and potentially cost you your driving privileges. It can also raise your auto insurance premiums. A more serious charge like hit and run or reckless driving can give you a criminal record and even land you in jail.

As a Canton traffic ticket attorney with 30 years of experience in criminal defense in Georgia, I can defend you against any traffic violation charge. At the Law Office of Eric A. Ballinger, I help my clients fight everything from speeding tickets and other moving citations in traffic court to criminal charges of reckless driving and leaving the scene of a car accident. No case is too small or complex to benefit from my advice, preparation and determination to help you keep your license and freedom.

I have represented hundreds of clients facing traffic tickets. I know how to get a ticket dismissed or negotiated to a reduced sentence so fewer or zero points get added to your record. That can mean avoiding a license suspension or revocation, increased insurance payments or even a jail sentence. Instead of automatically paying your ticket, you can learn about possible alternatives, which might include challenging the citation in court. Police sometimes make mistakes and violate driver’s rights. Standing up for your rights and the truth is my job as your Georgia traffic ticket defense lawyer.

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