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Child Support

Learn About Child Support Payments And How Child Support Is Determined In Georgia

Child support is often a highly emotionally charged part of a divorce. The child support calculation process in Georgia is actually very fair and practical. This page provides information you need to know about child support in Georgia, including how to calculate child support payments.

Child Support – It’s Not a Punishment

Child support is simply a continuation of your moral obligation to take care of your children. Although it is assigned as a legal obligation, it is not a fine or punishment. Child support is to better enable the custodial parent to take care food, clothing, housing, medical bills, dental care, and other essentials. The cost for school activities, sports, band, summer camps, etc., is usually split by the parents, in addition to monthly support payments.

How To Calculate Child Support Payments

To get an idea of what you can expect for child support payments, you can use the online Georgia Child Support Calculator. This calculator is based on statutory guidelines and is reasonably accurate. You should keep in mind that a divorce court judge may consider other factors that cause you to have a different monthly payment.