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DUI Lawyer – BUI Attorney

Learn About Defense Representation For DUI (DWI) And BUI Charges In Georgia.

Don’t Let A DUI Ruin Your Driving Record

If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), it is imperative that you engage the services of an experienced Georgia DUI lawyer. At the Law Office of Eric A. Ballinger, we have a great deal of experience in defending clients against DUI charges.

The State of Georgia takes a very hard line on DUI cases. If you do not have the proper legal representation, you could lose your license for a year and face jail time, in addition to fines, community service and mandatory educational programs.

First DUI And Multiple DUI Offender Status

The more DUI convictions you accumulate, the harsher the penalties. Whether or not this is your first offense, it is crucial that you hire an experienced Canton DUI attorney immediately. At the Law Office of Eric A. Ballinger, we advise you of everything you are legally supposed to do to mitigate the potential damage.

We have handled countless DUI cases and know how and what to do at every step. For example, if law enforcement suspends your license, you only have 10 days to appeal the suspension to the Department of Driver’s Services or face the possibility of losing your license for an entire year.

We scrutinize every aspect of the case, including field tests and test results, the reason you were pulled over and everything that took place from the time you were stopped until the time you called us. Our careful attention to every detail gives us the ammunition we need to get you a favorable outcome.

Pulled Over For DUI In Georgia?

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