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Contested Divorce

Filing Contested Divorce in Georgia

Contested Divorce in Georgia

Learn about contested divorce laws in Georgia.

Contested divorce is the most complicated way of getting a divorce in Georgia. Filing a petition for a contested divorce requires the details of your marriage and divorce conflicts to be resolved in a public court.

Filing for contested divorce is done when one party does not want a divorce, or there are extreme differences upon which the parties cannot reach agreeement through normal litigation. You can file for divorce by claiming one or more of the 12 legal grounds for divorce in Georgia. Your spouse can contest the cited ground(s) for divorce or simply refuse to litigate and push the matter into court.

In a contested divorce, all areas pertaining to developing a Settlement will be decided in a court. This includes but is not limited to Child Custody, Child Support, Property Division, and Spousal Support

Advantages of Filing Contested Divorce

A Contested divorce does not really have any advantages. It is the most expensive and most stressful way to get a divorce in Georgia. Furthermore, the outcomes for both parties is extremely unpredictable and often results in increasing the bitterness of the divorce.

Filing for contested divorce is appropriate if you believe you and your have little to no chance of working through your differences directly or via your lawyers.

If you are ready, or considering, filing for divorce we invite you to call our law firm to discuss your situation with divorce lawyer Eric Ballinger.