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What Are My Options For Filing Divorce?

Georgia provides for filing contested divorce or filing uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is usually completed with litigation or mediation. Any points on which you and your spouse cannot reach agreement in an uncontested divorce, or all points if you file contested divorce, will be resolved in a courtroom. A mediated divorce, favored when both parties can work together, provides for the lowest stress and cost.

How Does the Divorce Process Work?

A divorce process formally begins when a divorce law firm has been retained to draft and file a divorce complaint. The non-filing party (your spouse) will be served divorce papers and they are required to formally respond to the complaint. Usually a spouse hires a lawyer which will litigate with your lawyer to develp a Settlement Agreement. After your divorce is final, changes can be made by requesting a divorce modification.

Where Do I Start to Get a Divorce?

The best way to start is to consult with a divorce attorney to discuss your situation and options. Every divorce has its own unique aspects. The internet and friends can grossly misinform you and subsequently lead you to make costly mistakes. To learn the truth about divorce in Georgia, and get control of your situation, contact our law firm for a consultation with divorce attorney Eric Ballinger.

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