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Defense lawyer Eric Ballinger will provide you with aggressive representation to defend your legal rights and personal freedom. Attorney Ballinger has over two decades experience fighting for people arrested for minor and major offenses.

Our law firm believes we should first fight for dismissal of charges. We pursue the facts and look for the common problems that force a prosecutor to drop charges. If the facts are not in your favor, we can negotiate on your behalf to affect the best possible outcome. If you need a defense lawyer you should schedule an attorney consultation.

What happens after an arrest?

After an arrest you will be booked and placed in jail. Depending on the charges you can bond out in a few hours or may be held for a bond hearing. From there, the process can quickly get out of control. We urge you to contact us to learn what to expect.

What You Need to Do Now

If you are under investigation or have been arrested you need a lawyer ASAP. As your lawyer we can help you avoid mistakes from being pressured by police or prosecutors. Literally, everything you say or do can be used aganst you. The first thing to do is meet with criminal defense lawyer Eric Ballinger to discuss your situation.

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