False Allegations of Domestic Violence are Harmful

False Allegations of Domestic Violence are Harmful

While nobody condones domestic violence equally as reprehensible are false allegations of domestic violence.

Since the nineties, domestic violence has been highly sensitive issue that provokes reflexive responses from law enforcement, politicians, judges and prosecutors. However just as there are many victims of violence in their own home, there are those who are willing to exploit the political sensitivities of the issue.

Each year many men and women are removed from their home, jailed and even taken away from their children based on false or exaggerated allegations of domestic violence. Often these false claims are used to manipulate a relationship, gain an unfair advantage in a divorce or custody case, and sometimes it is done just out of plain old spite. These actions not only hurt the wrongly accused but also diminish the claims of the those who are really victims.

For the victims of false allegation of domestic violence, often the only ally is an experienced attorney. It takes the ability to dissect the repeated statement, analyze the evidence or lack of evidence and present all the material in court. Yet, even after the charges have been cleared, it still does not take away the damage and the hurt caused by the accusations.

IF YOU ARE A VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE you should take action to get a Temporary Protective Order (TPO), also known as a restraining order. Contact our office to learn how to get a TPO in Georgia

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